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Brix 1954P. Brix and G. Herzberg, Can. J. Phys. 32, 110-135 (1954)
Fine Structure of the Schumann-Runge Bands Near the Convergence Limit and the Dissociation Energy of the Oxygen Molecule
Lewis 1985B. R. Lewis, L. Berzins, J. H. Carver, and S. T. Gibson, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Rad. Trans. 33, 627-643 (1985)
Decomposition of the Photoabsorption Continuum Underlying the Schumann-Runge Bands of 16O2. I. Role of the B 3Sigmau- State: A New Dissociation Limit
note O2aLewis 1985 reinterpret Brix 1954 by attributing previously unassigned discrete absorption features in Brix 1954 to B(v=22) <- X, as indeed originally suggested by Brix 1954. The extended set leads to D0(o2,B 3Sigmag-u) = 57135 +- 3 cm-1, which is 7.5 cm-1 higher than the original Brix 1954 value. This translates (see also note O2) to D0(O2, X 3Sigmag-) = 41268.2 +- 3 cm-1.