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Lewis 1965D. C. Lewis, M. A. Frisch, and J. L. Margrave, Carbon, 2, 431-437 (1965)
The Heats of Combustion of Some Pyrolytic Graphites
note CO2dLewis 1965 determines the enthalpy of combustion of spectroscopically pur graphite to be -94.042 +- 0.009 Kcal/mol. It appears that they determined the amount from the weight of graphite, not of CO2, since they mention correcting for occasionally unburnt graphite. Assuming that they are using the 1961 atomic weights with C 12.01115 (and O 15.9994), or, rather, 12.011 as Hawtin 1966, this should be then converted to the current atomic weight of C of 12.01070, which produces -94.0397 +- 0.009 kcal/mol or 393.462 +- 0.038 kJ/mol. Note that CODATA Key Vals quotes this as -393.47 +- 0.05 kJ/mol, which seems to be a direct coversion from Lewis 1965 -94.042 kcal/mol, albeit with a slightly larger uncertainty. Note also that Hawtin 1966 estimates (without further details) an uncertainty of 22.5 cal/mol = 94.1 J/mol for this measurements.