Selected ATcT [1, 2] enthalpy of formation based on version 1.122p of the Thermochemical Network [3]

This version of ATcT results was generated from an expansion of version 1.122o [4] to include an updated enthalpy of formation for Hydrazine. [5].
Species Name Formula Image    ΔfH°(0 K)    ΔfH°(298.15 K) Uncertainty Units Relative
WaterH2O (g)O-238.933-241.836± 0.026kJ/mol18.01528 ±
Hydrogen peroxideH2O2 (g)OO-129.480-135.466± 0.063kJ/mol34.01468 ±
Formic acidHC(O)OH (g, syn)C(=O)O-371.11-378.42± 0.22kJ/mol46.0254 ±
Peroxyformic acidHC(O)OOH (g, cis)C(=O)OO-279.27-288.62± 0.90kJ/mol62.0248 ±

Reaction Enthalpy

 H2O (g) + HC(O)OOH (g, cis) → H2O2 (g) + HC(O)OH (g, syn)
 H2O (g) + HC(O)OOH (g, cis) → H2O2 (g) + HC(O)OH (g, syn)
 O + C(=O)OO → OO + C(=O)O

Note: The listed uncertainity of the reaction enthalpy is computed using the full covariance matrix.

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The aggregate state is given in parentheses following the formula, such as: g - gas-phase, cr - crystal, l - liquid, etc.

The listed uncertainties correspond to estimated 95% confidence limits, as customary in thermochemistry (see, for example, Ruscic [6]).
Note that an uncertainty of ± 0.000 kJ/mol indicates that the estimated uncertainty is < ± 0.0005 kJ/mol.

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