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Delepine 1942M. Delépine and M. Badoche, Compt. rend. 214, 777-780 (1942)
Thermochimie de l'aldéhyde formique, de l'hexaméthylènetétramine et de ses dérivés
note CH2ODelepine 1942: not clear which cals were used, assumed to be cal th (this introduces an uncert of ~0.05 kcal/mol); experiment carried out at 17° C, assumed corr to 298 K is 0.1 kcal/mol; the authors indicate that individual experiments 93-5 of them) were within 2/1000 of the average value, which means ~ +- 0.24 kcal/mol; estimated overall 95% uncert. limit is then ~ +- 0.5 kcal/mol
note std devOriginally one std. dev. was given and was multiplied by 2 (for large or unknown number of measurements) or the appropriate Student-t factor (for a smaller number of determinations) to come closer to the desired 95% confidence limit.
mw conversionconverted to current mw