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Blush 1993J. A. Blush, P. Chen, R. T. Wiedman, and M. G. White, J. Chem. Phys. 98, 3557-3559 (1993)
Rotationally Resolved Threshold Photoelectron Spectrum of the Methyl Radical
note CH3Blush 1993 report IE(CH3) = 79349 +- 3 cm-1 as a head band. This value has to be increased, since the N=0 K=0 level of CH3+ X 1A1' to which it refers is wiped out by nuclear statistics. Calculated from constants found in Jacox 1994 the N=1 K=0 level is at 18.725 cm-1. However, the lowest existing level is N=1 K=1 at 13.969 cm-1.