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Tonkyn 1989R. G. Tonkyn, J. W. Winniczek, M. G. White, Chem. Phys. Lett. 164, 137-142 (1989)
Rotationally Resolved Photoionization of O2+ Near Threshold
note O2+Tonkyn 1989 and Kong 1994 give IE(O2) in terms of X 2Pig F1(v=0, J=1/2) <- X 3Sigmag- F2(v=0, J=1). It is not quite clear why "F2(v=0, J=1)" was chosen, other than it is the term with a simple B*N(N+1) expression. F2 J=1 corresponds to N=1 and is calculated from constants in Huber 1979 as 2.875 cm-1. The lowest existing level is F3 J=0 at -1.0857 cm-1 (see note O2). Hence the Tonkyn 1989 and Kong 1994 IE(O2) referring to F2 J=1 need to be increased by 4.0 cm-1.