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Huber 1979K. P. Huber and G. Herzberg, "Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure. IV. Constants of Diatomic Molecules", Van Nostrand Reinhold: New York 1979
note O2 singlet aBy fitting the 3Sigmag- <--> 1Deltag transition given by Herzberg 1947 and also correcting (lowering) by 0.05 cm-1 as reported in a footnote in Herzberg 1947 citing H. D. Babcock, the transition from the lowest existing level of 3Sigmag-, N=1, J=0 (F3) to the lowest existing level of 1Deltag, N=2, J=2, occurs at 7891.992 +- 0.020 cm-1. All transitions from N=1,3,5 of 3Sigmag- given by Herzberg can be then reproduced to within 0.088 cm-1.