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Meyer 1938G. Meyer and F. E. C. Scheffer, Rec. Trav. Chim. 57, 604-607 (1938)
Sur l'équilibre du gaz à l'eau
note COiNeumann 1928 give Keq for CO + H2O -> CO2 + H2 for a large number of temperatures ranging between 672 and 11833 K. From the first batch of data consisting of 31 points data one obtains a fit of DeltaG = -36.582 +- 0.879 - (0.033833 +- 0.000947)*T/(K) in kJ/mol, where the uncertainty is one std. dev. of the fit. The fitted DeltaG values and experimental values are quite close, with a std. dev of only 0.138 kJ/mol. The corresponding 95% confidence limit is 0.283 kJ/mol. The average T is 893 K, corresponding to DeltaG = -6.369 +- 0.283 kJ/mol, where the unc. is 95%conf. limit from deviations (+-1.220 kJ from std. dev of the fitted parameters). This value would lead to a third law value of DeltaH298 of -41.061 +- 0.283 kJ/mol. CODATA Key Vals obtains a third law value of -41.15 +- 0.20 kJ/mol. The network value is that for 893 K. The uncertainty of +- 0.283 kJ/mol does not include systematic errors.
3rd LawThird law analysis