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Norwood 1989K. Norwood and C.-Y. Ng, J. Chem. Phys. 91, 2898-2900 (1989)
A State-Selected Study of the Unimolecular Decomposition of C2H2+ (A, B) using the Photoion-Photoelectron Coincidence Method
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The Heat of Formation of C2H+
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Dissociative Ionization of Molecules by Rare-Gas Ion Impact
note C2H+Ono 1981 report a very low photoionization AE(C2H+/C2H2) of 16.79 +- 0.03 eV, mislead by Maier 1965 who reported 16.72 +- 0.12 eV from rare gas ion impact. The value corresponds to a structure in the thermal tail of the real process, probably corresponding to the IPF resonance structures. The finding was later corrected by Norwood 1989.