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Cosby 1980P. C. Cosby, J.-B. Ozenne, J. T. Moseley, and D. L. Albritton, J. Mol. Spectrosc. 79, 203-235 (1980)
High-Resolution Photofragment Spectroscopy of the O2+ b 4Sigmag- (v' = 3, 4, 5) - a 4Piu (v’ = 3, 4, 5) First Negative System Using Coaxial Dye-Laser and Velocity-Tuned Ion Beams
Pernot 1979C. Pernot, J. Durup, J. B. Ozenne, J. A. Beswick, P. C. Cosby, and T. Moseley, J. Chem. Phys. 71, 2387-2398 (1979)
Angular Distributions and Separation Energies of Predissociation Photofragments of O2+ (b 4Sigmag-, v'=4, N',F')
Kong 1996W. Kong and J. W. Hepburn, Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 159, 27 (1996)
PFI-ZEKE Spectroscopy Using Coherent Vacuum UV: O2+ (a 4Piu) - O2 (X 3Sigmag-)
Note: IE(O2) = 129 892 +- 2 cm-1, given as term value for O2+ a 4Piu (v=0, F) <- O2 X 3Sigmag- F2(v=0, J=1)
note O2+fKong 1996 give IE(O2) = 129 892 +- 2 cm-1, given as term value for a 4Piu (v=0, F) <- X 3Sigmag- F2(v=0, J=1); this needs to be increased by 4 cm-1 to refer to X 3Sigmag- F1(v=0, J=1), see note O2+. With nu00 from Huber 1979 for b <- a of 16666.74 cm-1 one obtains 146562.7 cm-1 as the IE(o2) from the lowest existing level of O2 to O2+ b 4Sigmag- (v=0), or 146561.7 cm-1 from the hypothetical level v=0, N=J=0 of X 3Sigmag-. The latter coincides with the 18.1713 +- 0.00025 eV obtained presumably in the same manner by Hsu 1997 and repeated in Hsu 1998. Note that this is ~ 10 cm-1 lower than the estimate of Cosby 1992, see note O2+d, but 6 cm-1 higher than the value of Yoshino 1968.