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Fraser 1952W. A. Fraser and E. J. Prosen, "Redetermination of the Heats of Combustion of Natural and Artificiel Graphite", NBS Report D 117, Natl. Bur. Std.: Gaithersburg, MD 1952
note CO2fFraser 1952 have made measurements of the enthalpy of combustion of graphite using natural and artificial graphite. Hawtin 1966 corrects their artificial graphite for ash content according to their own experience with that sample, which brings the two in much better agreement, and converts results to atomic weight for C 12.011 (via CO2), giving 94040.1 +- 26.7 cal/mol for natural and 94048.4 +- 26.1 for artificial graphite. The weighted average of these is 94044.3 +- 52.7 cal/mol = 393481.5 +- 220.6 J/mol, where the uncertainty is 12.7 times the std. deviation. Taking into account the total number of samples produces an uncertainty of 2.2 times std. dev, or +- 9.1 cal/mol = 38.2 J/mol
. Further corrections for the change in atomic weight of CO2 from Hawtin 1966 44.011 to 44.0095 produces 393468.1 +- 38.2 J/mol.