Reference Label Details
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Rydberg Absorption Series and Ionization Energies of the Oxygen Molecule. I
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Predissociation Photofragment Spectroscopy of O2+ Quartet States
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An Analysis of the O2+ b 4Sigmag- - a 4Piu First Negative Band System
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The Dissociation Energy of O2 (X 3Sigmag-)
note O2+bDissociation of O2+ from b 4Sigmag- (v=0, N=1, F4). Albritton 1978 show that the kinetic energy release measured by Tadjeddine 1978, W(b, v=4, N=9, F) = 9 +- 9 cm-1, combined with the term value T(b, v=4, N=9, F) referenced to O2+ (v=0, N=0) of 4552.1 +- 0.5 cm-1 by Albritton 1977, and IE(O2 X 3Sigmag- v=0, N=J=0) to O2+ b 4Sigmag- (v=0, N=1, F4), origin-corrected from Yoshino 1968, and corrected by the term value -1.0857 cm-1 of the lowest existing level of O2 (see note O2) produces AE(O+/O2) = 151100.2 +- 9.2 cm-1.