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Douglas 1955A. E. Douglas and C. K. Møller, Can. J. Phys. 33, 125-132 (1955)
Predissociation of the C12O and C13O Molecules
note COjDouglas 1955 have determined D0(CO) = 89595 +- 30 cm-1 from observed predissociation in B 1Sigma+ state of CO. In 12CO, J=37 is the last non-predissociated level (thr origin of the "last strong line" in the Angstrom bands, B 1Sigma - A 1Pi), and J=38 is the first predissociated level ("first weak line") in v=0 of B 1Sigma+, while J=17 and J=18 are the last non-predissociated and the first predissociated level in v=1. In 13CO, all J values are one higher, i.e. J=39 and 40 in v=0 and J=19 and 20 in v=1. The dissociation limit was estimated by drawing straight lines representing the limiting curves of dissociation. This is guaranteed to underestimate the estimated D0 value. A re-interpretation by using calculated limiting curves of dissociation leads to D0(CO) = 89651 +- 30 cm-1, or 56 cm-1 higher. There is a small residual discrepancy that appears between 12CO (89570 < D0 < 89636 cm-1) and 13CO (89666 < D0 < 89678 cm-1) data. The derived value assumes that D0 is fairly represented by an average between the discrepant limits D0 < 89636 cm-1 and D0 > 89666 cm-1, i.e. 89651 +- 15 cm-1. The uncertainty is then given as twice the discrepancy between the average and the divergent limits.
Schmid 1935R. Schmid and L. Gerö, Z. Phys. 93, 656-668 (1935)
Über die B 1Sigma - A 1Pi- und C 1Sigma - A 1 Pi-Banden des Kohlenoxyds