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Celotta 1972R. J. Celotta, R. A. Bennett, J. L. Hall, M. W. Siegel,and J. Levine, Phys. Rev. A 6, 631-642 (1972)
Molecular Photodetachment Spectrometry. II. The Electron Affinity of O2 and the Structure of O2-
note EA(O2) aCelotta 1972 finds EA(O2)=0.440+-0.008 eV "relative to EA(O)=1.465 eV" (Branscomb 1958, L. M. Branscomb, D. S. Burch, S. J. Smith, and S. Geltman, Phys. Rev. 111, 504 (1958)), which has been used for calibration. Hence, they find EA(O)-EA(O2)=1.025+-0.008 eV. The newer value for EA(O)=1.461115+-0.000002 eV (Valli 1999) implies that the Celotta 1972 EA(O2) should be lowered by about 4 meV. Note that in Part I, Siegel 1972 find EA(NO)=0.024 +0.010/-0.005 eV, in ecellent agreement with new measurements (see Rienstra 2002, EA(NO)=0.026 +- 0.005 eV). Lowering AE(NO) by the same 4 meV is still within the uncertainty of their measurement, albeit the agreement with the new measurement is then slightly worse.