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Michel 2002M. Michel, M. V. Korolkov, and K.-M. Weitzel, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 4, 4083-4086 (2002)
A New Route to the Dissociation Energy of Ionic and Neutral HCl via Lineshape Analysis of Single Rotational Transitions
note HClIPF(HCl) = 116288.7 +- 0.6 cm-1 of Martin 1998 was corrected from 35Cl to average Cl atomic weight of 35.4527 by adding 0.3 cm-1. The correction has been obtained by comparing ZPEs (including the Y00 term), which were estimated for the natural isotopic composition by applying standard isotopic relationships to the spectroscopic constants given by Herzberg 1950. This approach neglects possible electronic isotopic shifts. Similarly, D0(HCl+) = 37536.7 +- 0.5 cm-1 of Michel 2002 and 37536.7 +- 5 cm-1 of Michel 2001 were corrected to average Cl atomic weight by adding 0.3 cm-1. In the latter two cases, the mass defect resulting from (1+) charge was neglected. The nominal correction for IE(HCl) would be an increase by 0.04 cm-1.