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Fenning 1933R. W. Fenning and F. T. Cotton, Proc. Roy. Soc. (London) A 141, 17-28 (1933)
A Bomb Calorimeter Determination of the Heats of Formation of Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide
note N2OaFenning 1933 finds 87401 +- 58 cal15/mol for the combustion of 1 mol of N2O in CO at 20° C and constant volume. Note that for N2O + CO -> CO2 + N2 constant volume and constant pressure conditions are the same. Proceeding as in note COb, and taking the overall factor of 4.183505 produces -365642 +- 243 J/mol at 20° C. Similarly, Fenning 1933 finds 87520 +- 26 cal15/mol for the combustion of H2 in N2o producing H2O and N2. With the conversion factor above, this is equivalent to -366140 +- 109 J/mol at constant volume, or-368578 +- 109 J/mol at constant pressure and 20° C.